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July 15, 2013

Preparation Course for Rafael circuits in cooperation with the College John–Bryce and high-tech technologies College (Shalom-Shlomi Zigdon), we participated in the study and implementation of PCB Layout Designer’s - Engineers to Rafael, after a course of a year, seven new PCB Layout Designer’s hired to Rafael satisfaction of the The course and, we ,at speed-board, are very proud of the big success of the course.

July 10, 2013


The Conference in 2014 Dgcon Dan Acadia Hotel in Herzliya, presented a marketing booth for two days presenting the company's capabilities, the conference was a great success and was attended by a wide range of Potential clients at the Hi-tech market.

July 1, 2013


The Conference Gobespace2014 David Intercontinental Hotel Tamir

Hazan from Speed-Board gave a lecture on the problems of EMI & EMC circuits and methods for the preparation of a solution.

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Specialize in all types of circuits:

Hi-Speed ​​circuits with digital high operating frequency (Hi-Speed ​​Diff pairs,Serdes,PCI_E,ETH, VPX).

RF circuits (with High transmit and receive frequency,  also was integrated with Digital circuits).

Analog circuits and High Power circuits (separation of Grounds, protection from Leaks, EMI, EMC ...)

Military and Flight standards circuits, Class-3 (with experience in the field and focus on the requirements of IPC adapted).

densities circles and the use of various technologies and providing a solution (Via On Ped, Blind, Via HDI).

Flex circuits (also integrated Rigid-Flex). The company also provides a range of advanced services, fast-track for significantly shorten schedules and accommodations circuits to serial production processes also option for providing advanced Testing Services such, DFM,Valor,DFA 

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