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Speed-board electronics, established in 1986, is a dynamic company leader at PCB field.

Speed-board working according to ISO 9001:2008, and IPC’s demands.

We are proud with our Skilled staff, a high level of knowledge and has experience in preparing various types of circuits that fit customer requirements and advice for different types of circuits from extensive experience in various fields of high-quality work and not compromise with the thinking process of manufacturing and engineering at the early stages of the project.

Speed-Board Electronics offers a wide range of service at the field of printed circuits:

PCB Layout of variety of PCB types (Hi-Speed, RF, Power, Analog ...) with emphasis on Speed ​​, quality and fast track circuits (working at shifts option) with significant shortening of deadline. Fit To all update IPC’s at the market (standards, military, bio….).

Fast Manufacture Services and turnkey (Mechanics, comps Parching, parts engineer, DFA, DFM, pcb manufacture and assembly) Process to provide schedules shortening of all types of circuits and devices.


Providing simulations Services (SI, PI, Hi-Speed).

Maintenance of libraries components are adapted to each client.

Creating Documentation and Final Files Formats being adapted to each customer upon request.

Professional counsel to the development process for all types of circuits (Hi-Speed ​​..., RF, Power, Analog).


Building Geoms libraries based on customer requirements for each client by Part Number, Data sheet and IPC under the close supervision and professional.


Through our many years of experience in the field we have gained a high reputation among our customers as a company-wide standards


Service provider’s performance, advanced technology, a faster time and higher standard timetables, international knowledge in the field and excellent interpersonal skills with clients.


The company we work with editing software Circuit, Expedition, Board Station and-Allegro.