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Speed-Board Electronics provides full turnkey services, whether prototypes and serial production, the company specializes in providing a very rapid manufacturing Process, purchase of components at very competitive prices and fast delivery times, a high-quality circuit assembly and fast with an emphasis on customer requirements and strict standards in the market.


Also providing advanced mechanical services as needed and also manufacture and supply of boxes on demand, to supply the finished product to the customer.

Production levels:

Production of multi-layer circuits

Production of concentric circles Technologies (Via On Pad, Blind, Buried, Via HDI) ....

Production of various standards circuits (Class-2, Class-3).

Manufacture of circuits Rigid-Flex Flex in short times.

Manufacture of circuits with different types of raw material and combined (FR4 ,Rogers Nelco)


Purchase of components:

Bom including a full pricing and delivery times

Finding suitable substitutes for different part numbers affected.

Practice finding obsolete components and No-Stock.

The train circles:

Automated trains and / or manual.

The possibility of additional processes (such as potting, Glue)

TurnKey Service: