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Design Layout of printed circuit board is a kind of art, the end result gives great satisfaction to all the editor of the company since it is also a master in his field. circuit edit and beauty meets all stringent requirements that creates the outcome of satisfaction and fulfillment as a painter or sculptor or any artist creates in his field, that how we looking at and living in the area over the years.

The variety of our customers are leading companies in their respective fields of civil and military sectors, as well as Speed-Board provides services tailored to client and project itself that fit to customer requirements. Also providing additional value of advice, recommendations, and guidance from a trial of experienced workers in the company.

Specialize in all types of circuits:

Hi-Speed ​​circuits with digital high operating frequency (Hi-Speed ​​Diff pairs,Serdes,PCI_E,ETH, VPX).

RF circuits (with High transmit and receive frequency,  also was integrated with Digital circuits).

Analog circuits and High Power circuits (separation of Grounds, protection from Leaks, EMI, EMC ...)

Military and Flight standards circuits, Class-3 (with experience in the field and focus on the requirements of IPC adapted).

densities circles and the use of various technologies and providing a solution (Via On Ped, Blind, Via HDI).

Flex circuits (also integrated Rigid-Flex).

The company also provides a range of advanced services, fast-track for significantly shorten schedules and accommodations circuits to serial production processes also option for providing advanced Testing Services such, DFM,Valor,DFA

The company we work with editing software Circuit Expedition, Board Station and-Allegro.

PCB Design Layout: